Our Projects

Collingwood Yards

  BANH Inc. has a studio in the newly opened Collingwood Yards located on Johnston Street in Collingwood. The space is used as a meeting place and opportunity to facilitate connections and share knowledge and traditions between artists basing their practice at Collingwood Yards and those who call Collingwood and North Richmond housing estates home.

Just Bites

  Just Bites social enterprise kiosk is now open at
the Neighbourhood Justice Centre on Wellington Street Collingwood. A partnership between BANH Inc. and Carringbush Adult Education the kiosk serves food and coffee prepared by local residents. It also offers two traineeships for Carringbush students, up-skilling them with food handling, hospitality and customer service training alongside their English language studies.

Address: Neighbourhood Justice Centre Cafe: Level 1, 41 Wellington Street, Collingwood
Open: Mondays and Wednesdays 12 – 2pm

Urban Campfire

  The Urban Campfire community arts program is a biannual visual arts exhibition at the Neighbourhood Justice Centre (NJC), Collingwood. The artworks displayed in the
exhibitions are by local artists, community groups, school kids and professional artists. As part of the NJC’s participatory model of community engagement, local
artists run workshops with community groups throughout the year. The outcomes of these sessions are also displayed in the exhibitions.

The exhibitions create a warm and welcoming environment for clients and staff. The artworks showcase the creativity of the local community and create a platform for artists who may not otherwise have the chance to have their work displayed.

Address: Neighbourhood Justice Centre: 41 Wellington Street, Collingwood
Open: Monday to Friday 9am-5pm

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